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Our Vision

Mine Haul Logistics has a vision to provide key logistical services to mine sites Australia wide, with the provision of the right vehicle for the job. The ability to think outside the box is of great advantage when finding solutions for transport and equipment needs. We at Mine Haul Logistics use such initiatives in order to assist you with your project and provide a tailored solution to your needs. All vehicles within the Mine Haul fleet are minesite ready and properly equiped for their jobs at hand. All our vehicle operators are fully qualified and required to maintain their licences, certifications and qualifications. Extra training is also provided by MineHaul in order to up-skill and refresh our plant operators skills, to ensure our clients get the benefit of fully capable and trained drivers. Mine Haul Logistics is a privately owned transport company that aims to ensure its Client's needs addressed properly and cost-effectively.

Our Services

Mine Haul Logistics success is widely due to our reliability and commitment to customers needs nationwide. We have established a strong track record and reputation within the mining sector by delivering what we promise through our years of expertise and knowledge. Backed by our comprehensive fleet and experienced professionals, we have continually provided our clients' the very best results.

Our Promise

Mine Site Ready

All equipment is mine site spec'd & equipped.

Trained Operators
Experienced & Qualified.

Well maintained equipment to ensure quality operation.

Timely Project Completion
Projects managed effectively.

The heavy company focus on safety with no compromises.

Safety, Quality & Speed help to ensure cost-effective solutions..



Are you ready to find your ideal haulage solutions? Mine Haul Logistics is your ultimate haulage provider in the WA Region with our proven track record, let us provide the answers to your needs!